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​Michael F. Rodriguez​​

​DUI and Criminal Defense
Ventura County, L. A. Co/San Fernando Valley, and Santa Barbara

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​\/​ Answers to Common Questions Below \/ 

​Note that the answers below are just general answers and not based on your specific circumstances. Answers will vary by facts, charges, location and the people involved. The best answer is to consult with a licensed criminal attorney in the cases jurisdiction.  

​Do I need to go to court or Do you go for me?

Generally, on most misdemeanor, non trial, court appearances, an attorney can appear for you (PC 977a authority).  However, on Domestic Violence Misdemeanors, or any Misdemeanor involving a danger to others like repetitive DUI's, you will need to be present if requested by the judge.  In those cases, the judge will want to set Bail or Issue a Victim Protective Order to restrict your actions.   On Felony Matters, you must always appear.  I handle both and whether your there or not, I am personally there to do all the talking and look after you.

​Whats so special about a DUI Attorney over a regular criminal defense attorney?

In most DUI cases, there are actually two separate hearings, one by the court to try and put you in jail and one done by the DMV to try and suspend your Driver’s License.  If the DMV hearing is not requested within 10 days of the arrest, the Drivers License suspension is automatic.  The County Public Defender and other non-DUI Attorneys do not request or handle the DMV hearings.  I do.
Below is a list of  factors sought and used in fighting a DUI and negotiating  for a favorable outcome.
1.The Initial Contact
    a.  Pulled over for vehicle code violation.  Obstruction of License plate, no lights, bad bulb, failure to signal. Was
          it    a real violation?
    b.  Bad driving, swerving, meandering within a lane, wide or short turns.  Do they have a mobile video recording.
    c.  Accident – Accident, Do you suffer any head trauma, anyone else get injured.
    d.  Safety Check
          i.  Car running/key s in ignition
          ii.  Standing out of car alone or with other people.
          iii.  In an isolated place like side of freeway or in parking lot.
    e. 911 Tipster  - did officer corroborate facts, actually see a violation.
2.  The initial encounter (reason to get you out of the car.)
    a.  First impression, Initial smells of alcohol/MJ, slurred speech, red watery eyes. Trouble handling Drivers
         License and registration.
    b.  Admitted drinking.
3.  The Field Sobriety Test’s, reasons cop believes you are under the influence.
    a.  FST’s most people say they passed these tests, but there are no  pass/fails.  The officer is trained to watch
         your every move during these tests and record the results.  Swaying, stumbling, saying things, lack of attention.
    b.  PAS tests – on-site portable breath test.  2 tests. Usually 2 minutes apart.
4. Arrest – told by officer and then given an admonishment to take official tests.
   a.  Breath – observed by one or more totaling 15 minutes with no burps, belching, drinking, eating, chewing gum.
   b.  Blood – non alcohol skin prep, using Accepted medical practices to obtain blood, and proper preservative used
         Accepted Medical Practices.
  c. Refusal – proper admonition, failing to blow in machine is a refusal. 
5. DMV License APS Hearing – must call DMV Drivers Safety within 10 days from arrest date.

Other Crimes

 Besides working for two DUI Law Firms, I have worked for the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office and also two major criminal defense firms.  I have been a California Attorney since 1997, doing both Federal and State criminal and DUI cases.  
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